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Most trees in Central and Northern Virginia have lush green leaves that create a shady canopy in summer. But sometimes they start to look “off”. Maybe it’s the leaf color or the fullness of the canopy that doesn’t look right and you’re concerned that your tree is sick. That’s when it’s time to call in the tree care professionals from ZZ Tree!

Signs Your Tree Will Benefit From Fertilization

When trees lack the necessary nutrients, they struggle to grow. You'll see several symptoms, including:


Stunted Growth

When a tree can't get all the nutrients it needs, it will slow its growth to conserve energy.


Thin or patchy foliage

A tree lacking nutrients will cut off resources to twigs and branches to conserve energy.


Yellow leaves

Nutrient deficiency appears in a tree's leaves, making them yellow instead of healthy green.


Dropped Leaves

Your tree may drop leaves during the growing season when it doesn't have enough nutrients and food energy to support them.


Insects & diseases

A stressed tree has fewer natural defenses and is more susceptible to insect pest attacks.

Pro Tip

These common symptoms may also be signs of other tree health problems. A professional evaluation is the best way to rule out insects, diseases, or environmental issues as the cause of your trees' declining health.

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Why ZZ Tree For Tree Fertilization

  • Expert assessment of problems prior to fertilization
  • Superior-quality fertilization regimen
  • Healthier, safer, better-looking trees
  • Improved curb appeal

ZZ Tree always offers free quotes, and we'll provide straightforward pricing so there will never be any surprises. We're a 3rd generation tree service centrally based in Culpeper, Virginia, meaning we know both tree trees and the people in this area very well.

Let ZZ Tree assess your trees and help you keep them healthy all year!

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Highly Recommended! My go-to every time. They are very professional and really nice guys. They were responsive and the work was high quality. A great value!

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What To Expect

Realistic Expectations

When your trees aren't looking as healthy as they should, ZZ Tree can help get them thriving again. We'll thoroughly assess your property and trees, evaluate growing conditions, look for environmental issues, and address anything else that could be affecting your trees' health.

Can a fertilization treatment bring back a tree in severe decline? Probably not. Will fertilization save a tree that’s being attacked by insects or disease? It may help the tree better fight off the problem but fertilization alone won’t save it. That's why it's crucial to address tree health issues as soon as possible.

An assessment by the professionals at ZZ Tree can help identify underlying problems before they become major issues.

A Personalized Approach to Tree Health

We know you have a vision for your property, and that vision includes healthy plants. We also understand that every property is unique, and there is never a "one size fits all" solution. Every property is a mix of soil types, different plants, differing sun exposures, moisture requirements, and much more.

ZZ Tree considers all these things when we create a custom fertilization plan for your property. We realize your property is unique, and that's why our treatments, preventive solutions, and monitoring are tailored for your property, not somebody else's.

How We Fertilize Trees

ZZ Tree uses a special injection system that takes the key nutrients your soil is missing and delivers them directly into the soil at the depth where tree and shrub roots are growing. This type of fertilization, called deep-root fertilization, puts the missing nutrients exactly where the tree needs them. The fertilizer is  quickly taken up by the tree with no waste and no surface runoff.

You can trust our expert tree service to fertilize your trees carefully and only provide what your trees truly need.

It's Never Too Early To Contact ZZ Tree

Don't wait until it's too late! Stressors, tree damage, insects and pests, and disease can strike anytime, so you want a professional team to get on top of these problems now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s difficult to know for sure without examining your trees for signs of nutrient deficiencies. However, given that many residential and commercial properties in Central and Northern Virginia don’t have good soil, it’s probable that your trees will benefit from careful, well-timed fertilization.

Many fertilizers are called "synthetic" because they're created or synthesized from inorganic chemical sources. This differs from an "organic" soil amendment or fertilizer made from organic matter, meaning things that were once alive (for example, leaves, wood, and animal manure). Synthetic fertilizers generally work more quickly than organic but don't have long-term benefits for soil or plant health.

Your tree will keep trying to grow even when it's lacking vital nutrients, but its long-term health won't be good. The combination of stunted growth and chronic nutrient stress during growing seasons will shorten its lifespan significantly.

Many homeowners compound the problem by mistaking the signs of nutrient deficiency for water stress and overwatering the tree. Or they over-prune, thinking this will stimulate more growth (it won't).

A young tree has a small store of food energy to conserve and a small rootball that must supply the tree's water and nutrients. Your new tree may benefit from a little bit of fertilizer to help until it can grow more leaves and roots.

Read the label carefully to be sure that you don't overfertilize your new tree!

That depends. Generally, spring and early fall are the best times to fertilize trees in Virginia. But you can also fertilize in summer IF your tree needs it, AND you use a gentle fertilizer like compost tea.

The best kind of fertilizer is the one that gets the nutrients your tree needs right to its roots when it needs it. And that's deep-root fertilization.

With deep-root fertilization injections, nutrients go down into the soil to the depth where tree and shrub roots are growing. The liquid fertilizer is ready to go and can be taken up by roots immediately. This means there's no waste and no surface runoff.

And deep-root fertilization provides another benefit at the same time: it aerates your soil. More oxygen in your soil means healthier soil!

This type of fertilization is a job for a trained professional, and we don't advise homeowners to try it themselves. Your tree's roots are its lifeline, and it's not worth risking damage.


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