The black ZZ Tree stump grinder sitting a stump in a wooded area.
Tree Removal

8 of Your Stump Grinding Questions Answered

Stump grinding is something many people don’t think about when it comes to tree removal. Some people like the look of a stump. Other people assume the stump will be removed as part of the tree removal process. Yet others don’t give a tree stump any thought until they trip over it. Stump grinding is…
A small white and gray bird with a yellow belly sits perched on icy tree branches.
Tree Removal

3 Great Reasons for Winter Tree Removal in Virginia

Tree removal in Virginia is a year-round activity, but what’s the best time to remove trees? The quick answer is winter, and while that’s generally true, it’s not quite that simple. While many reasons, such as reduced foliage, dormancy, and reduced insect activity, make winter the ideal season to remove trees, that’s not to say it…