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Everything you want to know about how to keep your trees as safe, healthy, and beautiful as possible. Specially written for the Fredericksburg, Virginia area and surrounding towns.

Tree Care Tips

Insurance Every Tree Service in Northern Virginia Needs

Keep your property and money safe! Uncover the essential insurance coverage every Tree Service Company in Northern Virginia should have.
Tree Care Tips

Water Sprouts and Suckers on Trees: What They Mean

Are water sprouts and suckers hurting your trees? Learn how to prevent and manage them in Northern Virginia.
Pests & Diseases

The Fight Against Ambrosia Beetles in Virginia

Can Northern Virginia trees be saved from an ambrosia beetle attack? Learn more about this invasive species and how you can fight it.
Tree Care Tips

Who’s Responsible for Removing a Fallen Tree in Virginia?

You could be liable for damages if your tree falls on your neighbor’s property. Find out what Virginia law says about tree removal and liability.
Tree Care Tips

5 Uses for Woodchips After a Tree Removal or Stump Grinding

Woodchips don’t have to go to waste after tree removal or stump grinding. Here are five ways to put those chips to good use in your Virginia yard.
Tree Care Tips

Why Your Trees Need Fertilizer

While it’s true that forest trees don’t need supplemental nutrients, it’s a very different story for the trees on your property. Trees Need Fertilizer. And it starts with fertile soil. Why Trees Need Fertilizer: Fertile Soil Contains Life Chances are the soil on your property is not sufficiently providing the nutrients your trees need. But…

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